Familiar Routes

I’ve bounced between political and spiritual pursuits with enough frequency to know the route between these two destinations. Likewise the route between writing and meditation practice. It has seemed, in the past, that if I were engaged in one of these pursuits I wasn’t engaged in the other. And at some point the absence of the other would turn me from my path.

Over recent years a desperate quality has crept into this ping-ponging. A more urgent need for an all-encompassing and definitive interest has asserted itself; in short, I have wanted one or the other of these passions to be the be-all and end all.

Slow learner that I am, I only recently thought I am trying to catapult myself with enthusiasm for a pursuit into a new me. The problem, of course, is that in the trajectory from one thing to the other I always take myself with me.

For today, I’ve stopped trying to accomplish anything and instead have embraced where I’m at, somewhere in transit, somehow unsettled, somehow content.


~ by nightfruit on July 19, 2011.

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