In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Readiness often precedes opportunity. For some months now I’ve been prodded toward a re-orientation of my life. I’ve changed jobs, and while I still work in the same industry my new responsibilities are so different as to suggest a change in career; I’ve drawn away from paths and pursuits that I once thought held my future, and in the interest of brevity suffice to say those are of a spiritual nature; I’ve been writing more, working on a memoir; and reading more of seemingly disparate topics –Marxism and Jungian psychology for example.

All of this feels as if I’m preparing for something, and at 55 years of age I recognize the anticipation suggestive of transformation. Yet, other than this vague sense of an impending overhaul I lack specifics. There doesn’t appear to be a 10 Steps to a New You curriculum to follow but instead a persistent what? at the foundation of my self. Try as I do to scent the whiff of certainty on these apparent winds of change, I’m left only with the question. Slow thinker that I am, I’ve decided to live, as Rilke famously advised, the question.

Nightfruit is a record of sorts of abiding with this and other questions, of enthusiasms and of doubts.



~ by nightfruit on July 11, 2011.

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